B58-F M240i 340i 440i Bootmod3 Custom Tune


For B58 remote custom tuning your car requires to have Bootmod3 license which can be purchased here.

With our custom BM3 ECU tuning, we can do the following:

  • 93/E30/E50/RaceGas/E85  (may require upgraded High-Pressure Fuel Pump, Methanol Injection System or Port injection.
  • Exhaust flap adjustments
  • Top seed limiter removal
  • Aggressive gunshot flames (requires full decat exhaust)
  • Sport displays adjustments
  • Methanol injection
  • Direct port Fuel injection
  • Upgrade turbos and Upgrade fuel system
  • Custom drag racing tuning for 402m  1/4 miles boost by gear

With stock turbo stock fuel system we see 440-450whp on 93/98 with our  custom tune. With  Supra HPFP (BMW TU HPFP) 460whp 93aki/98ron and 490-500whp on E50 mix.



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