ABP F8x M4/M3/M2 S55 Remote Bootmod3 MultiMap Custom Tune


For S555 remote custom tuning your car requires to have Bootmod3 license which can be purchased here.

With our custom ECU tuning, we can do the following

  • Custom tune on Bootmod3 CustomROM
  • Rolling Antilag
  • Flex Fuel  ( Needs Zeitronix ECA2 CAN-BUS Board)
  • Map Switching with 4 different on the fly switchable  maps
  • Different AFR, Ignition, Boost, Torque Targets in Each MAP Slot to suit Vehicle modifications and fuel type used.
  • 93/E30/RaceGas/E85
  • exhaust flap adjustment
  • sport display adjustment
  • top seed limiter removal
  • aggressive gunshot flames (requires full decat exhaust)
  • custom pedal mapping
  • linear torque mapping for track circuit racing
  • Methanol injection
  • Direct port Fuel injection
  • Upgraded turbos and Upgraded fuel system
  • custom drag racing tuning boost by gear
  • EU5 M5 Injectors adjustment
  • Schrick Camshafts adjustment



Dragy Times was done for showing the difference purposes only and both Maps were conservative on 98ron (93aki) octane stock ignition angle target on our test sample ABP800 S55 Hybrid Turbos.

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